Our Story

Acting is one of those things that I believe every human being can do. If you’ve ever told a convincing lie, then you have what it takes to lie on a grand scale (a.k.a. act). Unfortunately, acting, especially in modern theatre, more and more can seem like some fancy club. It’s definitely not; it’s a profession like any else but many people are turned off from it because it’s shrouded in mystery.

There is so little support given and information known about acting, the common stereotype seems to be you were either discovered at a local mall kiosk or your evil, money-hungry parents pushed you into it. Because information is scarce, acting feels inaccessible and out of reach, leaving most people to abandon its pursuit before they have truly considered it.

What a shame.

BurlesqueAsItWas is going to do two things: demystify the world of acting and introduce you into the world of modern theatre. I will give you acting techniques, skills, strategies and insider advice to help you prepare for the road ahead, while keeping you updated on (and hopefully interested in!) the latest news, changes, trends, productions, performance reviews and opportunities in modern theatre.

It’s also important for me to connect you to the resources that give you the best chance at making it as an actor. If you don’t have a rock-solid support system, work ethic and plan, things can get very tough, very soon. You’ll be left behind wondering why no one is calling you back. As you check out the info on BurlesqueAsItWas, you’ll quickly discover if you were actually bit by the acting bug or if you need to rub some aloe on that mosquito bite and head back in to finish up that coding class.

It’s easy to feel like any dream is a world away, especially a dream that at its worst can leave you jobless and broke, and at its best can give you fame and fortune.

Taking risks is a part of life. This is true when it comes to pursuing any career, but the stakes are a bit higher in this profession. What you need to know is that being an actor rarely means you are only an actor. Like any other job, it can lead to so much more, and mostly depends on the limits you place on yourself.